Comprehensive Student
Guidance Service

Objectives and Target Group of Service:

  • To provide professional consultation, supervision and support services to primary school social workers/student counsellors to ensure that schools can provide quality and comprehensive student counselling services to their students.

Service Content:

  • Case Consultation:
    Visit schools regularly to provide advice and support to school social workers on difficult cases
  • Teacher Support Level:
    Assist schools in organizing teacher training
  • School System Level:
    Provide advice on crisis management and school-based counseling strategies, etc.
  • Professional Development:
    Arrange school social workers to participate in relevant professional training
  • Crisis Support:
    Provide guidance and support in need (e.g. emergencies, suspected child abuse cases, etc.
  • School Sponsoring Body Level:
    Advise, assist and facilitate the overall development of the programme service.

Contact Details:

      2606 7644
   2606 7644
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