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How to Change Font size

Now with this responsive web design, you can easily change the font size to fit your eyesight needs.


假如你使用桌上型電腦瀏覽「香港青少年服務處」網頁,近代的瀏覽器可讓用家按著Ctrl鍵(在Macintosh鍵盤上是Command鍵)和 +/- 鍵來放大或縮小字型,而按著Ctrl鍵和0鍵則可回復預設大小。

On a smartphone or a tablet, you can simply pinch open on the screen to zoom in (i.e. to enlarge) and pinch close to zoom out (i.e. to reduce) everything.


You may also change the font size from the menu. Choose from the following web browsers for specific instructions:

On the Page menu, select Zoom, then Larger.

On the View menu, select Zoom, then Zoom In.
Or you may click on the Menu icon and select + or - to make the font size bigger or smaller.

Internet Explorer / Edge
On the View menu, select font size, then Largest.
Or you may click on the IE Settings icon, select Zoom, then choose a percentage or click Zoom In.

On the View menu, select Zoom. Then choose a percentage.

On the View menu, select Make Font Bigger.


Hong Kong Children & Youth Services does not endorse specific web browsers or recommend one browser over another. While some popular browsers are included here, mention of a specific browser does not imply any endorsement or recommendation.

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