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Counselling Centre For Psychotropic Substance Abusers

SANE Centre


  • To help PSAs abstain from their drug-taking habits and develop a healthy lifestyle;
  • To increase the awareness of those vulnerable to drug abuse and to steer them away from drugs;
  • To reach out to PSAs for timely and early intervention;
  • To provide counselling and assistance to family members of PSAs so as to help them deal with the problems;
  • To provide professional training for allied professionals with a view to facilitating their assistance to PSAs;
  • To maintain active collaboration with stakeholders concerned, e.g. young people service units, schools, medical practitioners and community partners etc. in the identification and intervention process for PSAs;
  • To provide preventive education and publicity programs to students of secondary schools, post-secondary institutions, and vocational training organizations, and the general public at community level; and
  • To motivate PSAs to seek early assistance and stay with the treatment program through medical support services.

Target Group of Services:

  • Habitual PSAs who have developed physical and/or psychological dependence on drugs;
  • Occasional PSAs who use psychotropic substance for various reasons without medical consultation;
  • Potential PSAs who are in high risk environment/ situation and/or ignorant of the risks and consequences of such abuse;
  • Discharge form self-financing DTRCs in need, of professional support and aftercare service in the community;
  • Significant others of PSAs, such as parents, families, school personnel and employers, etc;
  • Allied professionals who are working with potential, occasional or habitual PSAs; and
  • Stakeholders and general public, especially young people, at community level.

Service Content:

The Centre provides education, treatment, rehabilitation and counselling services on the prevention of psychotropic substance abuse in Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing districts. Through a team of professional social workers and medical nursing staff, uses professional social work and multi-disciplinary approach to help those who have the habit and at risk to stop abusing psychotropic substances, services include:
    • Counselling Service for Drug Abusers
    • Treatment and Rehabilitation Support Groups
    • Outreaching Work
    • Aftercare Service for Discharged Patients
    • School Support Services and Community Activities
    • Counselling and Support Services for Family Members
    • Professional Information and Advice
    • Professional Training Courses
    • Outreach crisis intervention or prevention activities to address cross-border drug abuse problems
    • Other services to meet the changing service needs

Contact Details:

   2402 1010
   2614 2695
 2402 1010
 2667 7149
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