School Social Work Service


When I was seven or eight years old, I left my mother who lived in a village in mainland. Then, I came to Hong Kong and lived in a squatter area. I did not receive any education in China. Hoping that I could learn more, my father put me in the kindergarten to study even at the age of seven or eight. I was regarded as a weird person by both teachers and classmates.

When I studied in a primary school, my brother and sister ostracized and bullied me. At school, I behaved as a quiet and good child attributed to the worry of being badly treated. As my family disliked my sad and cynical look, I became even more silent. When I was in Form one, I had to meet a school social worker. Her counselling and guidance gradually resolved my fear and hatred towards my family. After taking part in volunteer service, I found that love and compassion existed in the world which began to light up my life and give me a more positive outlook in life. Now, despite my occasional quarrels with my family, I sometimes share my feeling with them. Sometimes, we even have family gathering. While enjoying the warmth of my family life, I want to help others to live with love and compassion.

Siu Chin