Counselling Centre for Psychotropic Substance Abusers


Hoi Kwan (Peer Counsellor)

I used to be a drug addict. When I thought that it was the end of my life, I have joined “Igniting Hearts” group and joined the family volunteer team at later time. And then I was trained as a peer counsellor. Just like the name of “Igniting Hearts”, it is a name full of hope and my hope was rekindled as well. We encourage and support each other like brothers and sisters that makes “Igniting Hearts” like a family with full of love. We often say, “No one will be left out.” We wish we can work together to help people in despair and rekindle their hopes. Being a love community is the motto of “Igniting Hearts”.



Fung (Family Volunteer)

Hello! Everyone, my husband used to be a drug addict and he achieves abstinence now. In the past, he indulged in drugs. As a family member, I had undergone a painful experience that ordinary people could not understand. I really appreciate the support of my children who had been with me getting through these unhappy days. I hope my children can grow up healthily and I want to become stronger, patient and lenient. I understood my husband was obsessed by drugs and his life was not only meaningless, but also painful. Fortunately, my aunt appeared like an angel in my desperation and took him to join the Gospel drug rehabilitation program. Finally, he has achieved abstinence and it has also brought great changes in his life. Thanks God! He did not only save my husband, but also our family. After the training in rehabilitation village, my husband went to church and joined activities in Sane Centre. We also joined the volunteer team in which we helped a group of young drug addicts by sharing with families on how to support and facilitate the personal growth of a drug addict and becoming their companions.