Clinical Psychological Service


Early last year, I came across a series of unexpected incidents which made me unable to handle my negative emotions with my usual method. Hence, I found it difficult to concentrate. Not only did my hands shake uncontrollably, but my tears also kept rolling down. I lacked interest in the things around and my work and lives had been greatly affected. Through the arrangement of a social worker, I met a clinical psychologist and I was diagnosed with depression. Right after the diagnosis, I was referred to a family doctor who had undergone training to treat mood disorders and I was arranged to have interviews with her regularly.

In the first few weeks, I took some rest and I also read some books about emotional disorders, hoping to recover as soon as possible. Three months later, having found that everything has resumed to normal, I stopped all treatment. However, contrary to my expectations, the symptoms of depression appeared again in a few months. This experience made me realize that treating mood disorders cannot be rushed. After contacting a psychologist, I began a new round of emotional therapy and I complied with her recommendations. In addition to taking some rest and medication, I also do more regular exercises, spend more time with my friends and my family and having a great time with them. The greatest lesson I have learnt from my suffering of depression is reflecting on my way of treating others and my life direction. I do not push myself too hard and I listen to my body’s signals. Now, I enjoy a slower paced life and the joy of sharing.