Integrated Children and Youth Services Centres


When I was in form six, I joined an onsite school volunteer service held by Hong Kong Children & Youth Services and I gained a lot. By showing concern to our service recipients, I experienced the happiness of helping people. It did not only raise my concerns on the disadvantaged and the issue of community problems, but also understood the true value of volunteer service.

Having been a volunteer for few years, I have come into contact with different service recipients. It makes me understand the essence of “to influence life with life”. In the past, I always tried to escape from my life difficulties. However, at the moment, I can embrace life challenges in a positive and optimistic manner. Through joining volunteer service, I have learnt to treasure and to be contented with what I have. I understand that it is indeed a tremendous blessing if one owns a harmonious family and good health. I love my family and I treasure the time being with them. I enjoy my life and I am satisfied with it.

Voluntary service enables me to understand more about my community. By taking part in voluntary service, I have been in contact with different service recipients, including the elderly, children from After School Care Programs, children with cancer, the mentally retarded, ex-mentally ill people, drug addicts and the visually impaired. The experience made me realize that numerous social groups in our society need our care and support. With a view to dedicating myself to serve and share my love with the needy, I kept on sparing some time to join various volunteer services.

Volunteer service can widen my horizon. The Social Welfare Department organized “2012-2013 Hong Kong Outstanding Youth Volunteer Scheme”. I was successfully selected as an outstanding youth volunteer on the Agency’s recommendation and I had shared my volunteer experiences in Taiwan. Now, I am invited as a committee member of Tai Po and North District Co-ordinating Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service. I keep up speaking for voluntary work and engage people in the community to join it.

Zhi Hong