Foster Care Service


When Sing was three years old, he was solely taken care by his mother attributed to his parents’ divorce. Since his mother was depressed, Sing’s life became chaotic, regular meals were not provided. Moreover, Sing was hyperactive and had all sorts of behavioural problems such as bad temper, hitting people and shouting.

The Integrated Family Service Centre assisted Sing with applying for the Foster Care Service. Sing was assigned to a foster family and was well looked after for more than one year. Sing’s chaotic life has resumed to normal and his emotional problem has also been alleviated due to the special care from the foster parent. Not only has Sing showed great progress in the area of study and social life, he has also improved the relationship with his mother.

Foster care service provides residential care to children whose parents cannot adequately take care of them due to family breakdown, so that they can continue to enjoy family life until they can re-unite with their families, or live independently.

Ah Sing