Small Group Home


When I was admitted to the Small Group Home, I found it difficult to get used to the new environment and different rules. Given that I was an introvert person, I seldom talked to others. Besides, I was not clever.

Luckily, with the support from the houseparent and other people, I gradually learnt to get along with different people and acquired different life skills. Life in the Home has cultivated some of my important personality traits, like politeness and independence. My housemother also showed me the areas for improvement. More importantly, their love and care has enabled me to understand the importance of gratitude and love. We should not take people’s love for granted. Being loved by the others has prompted me to give love to our friends and it has also paved my way to be a nurse.

Aunties, social workers, uncles and friends! I deeply appreciate your love and efforts. It is fate that has brought us together and you have become an indelible part of my life.

In the past, we were hyperactive and disobedient. However, the memory of your love has always been cherished and it is like a plant flourishing in our hearts some day. The love has morphed us into a grateful person who is willing to serve others.

Chi Keung