After-school Care Services


Few years ago, Lang Lang’s family left the mainland and settled in Hong Kong. However, his parents soon divorced and he was solely taken care by his mother. In the face of the changing family and environment, Lang Lang was very reliant on his mother, and she had high expectations for him.

After receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance for some time, his mother has found a job and can be self-reliant. Therefore, few years ago, Lang Lang started joining our Agency’s After-school Care Services. Services provided include homework guidance, refreshments and personal counselling services. Lang Lang visits the Centre after school every day and he has tea time with other children in the Centre which aims at developing his good eating habits and enhancing his self-care ability. There are various types of groups, including interest groups, study groups of self-care and thinking skills and regular outdoor activities. After tea time, Lang Lang chooses and joins his favourite groups. In the past, he seldom joined extra-curricular activities. Through joining different activities, he has tried different things which has developed his potential, enhanced his confidence and independence.

Lang Lang felt pressure due to the fact that he had to face his mother's expectations and was unable to fit in with the primary school life. He became very slack and hated doing homework. With care and patience, the tutor has helped him committed himself to the learning life of the Centre which has boosted his confidence and motivated his interest in learning. Through regular meetings with his mother, the tutor has let his mother understand the situation of Lang Lang in the Centre and has given her the opinions on effective parenting methods. Now, not only does Lang Lang have discipline in completing homework and doing revision which makes way for his academic progress, but he also takes the initiative in acquiring more knowledge.

In the past, Lang Lang lacked confidence but he has become positive now. With his good behavior, it has not only enabled his mother to have peace of mind at work, but he has also infected other children in the Centre.