Service Purpose and Objectives:
  • To provide early identification of and assistance with children and their families with welfare needs, provide professional counselling service to them;
  • To promote the healthy development of pre-primary children by providing Social-Emotional Learning program;
  • To strengthen family relationship by providing parent education in enhancing effective parenting skills, positive parent-child communication skills, understanding on the needs and different developmental stage of pre-primary children;
  • To provide professional consultation and training to teachers and school personnel for early identification of families in need and provide crisis intervention and support for families.
Target Service Users:
  • Pre-primary children, their parents/ families / carers and school personnel
Introduction of Service:
  • Through the stationing social work service for Pre-primary Institutions, we provide counselling service, professional consultation service for parents, preventive/ supportive/ remedial groups and programs for pre-primary children/parents, parent education and support, professional consultation and training to school personnel. Besides, community resources and multidisciplinary professional support will be provided.


Service Unit
Guardian Friends - Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions

Address: G/F, 20 Kwai Sing Lane, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Tel:2572 2311 
Fax:2572 3115



Service Introduction