Hong Kong Children & Youth Services is a multi-social service agency. The Agency provides social services including Integrated Family Services, Clinical Psychological Service, Integrated Home Care Services, Small Group Homes, Foster Care Service, Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre, After-School Care Service, Children and Youth Centre, School Social Work Service, District Youth Outreaching Social Work Service, Overnight Outreaching Service, Counselling Centre for Psychotropic Substances Abusers, Cyber Youth Support Service, On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services, Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions and Special Service Projects.


To create a favourable environment where young persons and their family members can develop their potential and realize their goals contributing to a harmonious society.


  • To help individual and their family members to cope with life challenges.
  • To strengthen the ties and prevent family breakdown.
  • To develop new welfare projects to meet the ever changing needs of young persons and their families.
  • To promote social consciousness and sense of civic responsibility among young persons
  • To work collaboratively with other organizations and professionals in building up a caring community.
  • To provide opportunities for job challenge, training and self development for our staff.


  • Customer oriented:
    Serve our clients with sincerity
  • Continuous improvement:
    Strive for life-long learning and continuous improvement
  • Professionalism:
    Uphold the social work code of ethics
  • Innovativeness:
    Develop new initiatives to meet the changing needs of young persons, their families and society

Lump Sum Grant - Annual Financial Report


Review Report on Remuneration Packages for Staff in the Top Three Tiers of Subvented Non-governmental Organisations

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