HKCYS 45th
Guardian Friends –
Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions


  • To provide early identification of and assistance with children and their families with welfare needs, provide professional counselling service to them; 
  • To promote the healthy development of pre-primary children by providing Social-Emotional Learning program;
  • To strengthen family relationship by providing parent education in enhancing parenting skills and parent-child communication skills, understanding the needs and different developmental stages of pre-primary children;
  • To provide professional consultation and training to teachers and school personnel for early identification of families in need and provide crisis intervention and support for families.

Target Group of Services:

  • Pre-primary children, their parents/ families / carers and school personnel

Service Content:

      1. Children Service
      • Casework Service
      • Support and referral service for children with special education needs
      • Social-emotional Learning groups for children
      • Developmental groups and programmes for children
      1. Parent Education and Support Service for parents
      • Parent talks, workshops and activities
      • Parent-child groups and activities
      • Professional consultation service for parents
      • Counselling and referral service
      • Publication of Parent Newsletter
      1. Support Service for teachers
      • Professional trainings for teachers
      • Professional consultation service for teachers
      1. Support Service for Pre-primary Institutions
      • Collaboration with other social service units
      • Introducing community resources
      1. Crisis Intervention
      • Crisis intervention and management for cases in critical situation
      1. Multi-disciplinary Professional Support Service
      • Multi-disciplinary professional support service: Our clinical psychologist, registered play therapist supervisor, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or special child care worker will provide support for Pre-primary Institutions based on special concerns and needs.

Contact Details:

   2366 2849
   2366 0230
 2366 2849
 2366 0230
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