• To early identify and reach out to the target service users and prevent them from further behavioural deterioration and falling prey to negative elements;
  • To provide guidance/support to direct the target service users to more positive lifestyles;
  • To empower the target service users to overcome their difficulties and problems; and
  • To foster the development of positive social values and attitudes as well as to enhance their social functioning and potentials of the target service users.

Target Group of Service: Target service users are young people aged 6 to 24, who do not normally participate in conventional social or youth activities and vulnerable or exposed to undesirable influence and /or manifesting behavioural problems within Tai Po District and Ma On Shan District

Tai Po District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team

Address: Unit 24, Heng Yue House, Fu Heng Estate, Tai Po, N.T.

Tel: 2667 7780

Fax: 2667 7149

Email: tpor@hkcys.org.hk

Ma On Shan Youth Outreaching Social Work Team

Address: 2/F, Heng On Community Centre, Heng On Estate, Ma On Shan, Shatin, N.T.

Tel: 2328 6903

Fax: 2328 6523

Email: yotm@hkcys.org.hk


Hong Kong Children & Youth Services is a multi-social service agency. The Agency provides social services, including :