• prevent the young people from falling prey to negative influence
  • provide on-the-spot crisis intervention for the young people in crisis situation
  • provide guidance and counseling to assist the young people to handle their educational, vocational, family, interpersonal and personal problem. Referral services are provided if needed
  • enhance the young people problem-solving ability, potential development and contribution towards the society

Target Group of Service : Target service users are young people or young night drifters aged 6 to 24, who are found loitering or drifting in the street or public areas from 10 p.m. to 6a.m. in the next day and are eligible for the above mentioned service needs in the defined boundaries.


Project Sinews - Overnight Outreaching Service for Young Night Drifters

Address: Unit 24, Heng Yue House, Fu Heng Estate, Tai Po, N.T

Tel: 26677780

Fax: 26677149

Email: tpor@hkcys.org.hk

Late Night Enquiry Tel: phonewhatsapp 62806281


Hong Kong Children & Youth Services is a multi-social service agency. The Agency provides social services, including :