Purpose and Objectives of Service:

The aim of Small Group Homes is to provide care in a home-like environment for children until they can return to their families or a long-term alternative living arrangement is achieved. The objectives of Small Group Homes are:

  • To provide substitute care for children in a stable and safe home-like living environment for a limited period of time, as specified by the individual welfare plan and subject to review on a regular basis.
  • To protect and promote the health and welfare of children and nurture their overall growth and development, including their physical, social emotional and intellectual needs.
  • To encourage the development of potential, responsibility, self-esteem and self-care amongst children in care.

Target Group of Service:

The target group of Small Group Home is children aged 4-18 years of age who cannot be adequately cared by their families. The target group of Emergency/Short-term Care in Small Group Home Service is boy aged 4-12 years of age; girl aged 4-18 years of age. For Integrated Small Group Home, the target group is mildly mentally handicapped child aged 6-18. Children are usually full-time students at time of admission.

Hong Kong Children and Youth Services

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