Purpose and Objectives

The purposes of CYST are to identify and approach at-risk and hidden youths through online platforms and to connect them to relevant mainstreams services for follow up.

The objectives of the CYST are to assist the target service users by :

  1. Proactively searching and approaching at-risk and hidden youths through online platforms popular among youths, providing intervention, support and counseling (viz preventive, developmental, supportive and remedial levels) through online and offline means as well as referral services to relevant mainstream services for follow up;
  2. Forming partnership, strategic alliance and cross-sectoral collaboration with other community stakeholders and organisations, including subvented and self-financing welfare service units both within and outside the CYST’ own organisations, government departments, local bodies, schools, religious groups, other professionals, etc. to address the needs and problems of the at-risk and hidden youths; and
  3. Mobilising community resources, arranging training, promoting community education, handling case referrals, answering enquiries, etc. on matters relating to at-risk and hidden youths in their respective serving regional clusters.

Target Group

It refers to at-risk and hidden youths, aged 6 to 24, who have emotional or behavioural problems and are manifesting or engaging in various at-risk behaviours in the Internet. Given that there may be difficulties in verifying the real age of the persons connected in the online platforms at the initial contact / outreaching stage, to cater for immediate needs of persons connected and allow flexibility in service provision, transitional intervention may be provided by the CYST on a need basis for those persons connected online but are later confirmed to be outside the age range of 6 to 24. The CYST should refer them to appropriate mainstream services as soon as practicable.

Nature of Service

The Cyber Youth Support Team provides an integrated service delivery model as well as innovative programme means to enhance the wellbeing of the target service users.

  1. To develop a website, with built-in authenticity system and web-based services by using instant messaging software on mobile phones and computers to engage at-risk and hidden youths for further contacts with social workers;
  2. To search for and engage target youths, including those who are manifesting various at-risk and hidden behaviours and are in need of social work intervention through online services;
  3. To provide guidance, support and counseling services viz multi levels for the service users and their significant others to overcome their difficulties and problems;
  4. To organise online and offline group activities and programmes for enhancing target youths' problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, resilience, stress management, life skills training, etc.;
  5. To mobilise target youths to receive offline services and connect them to other mainstream services, employment programmes, etc. when necessary and as appropriate;
  6. To establish referral mechanism/ network and interfacing with other mainstream services, such as Integrated Children and Youth Services Centres (ICYSCs), Integrated Family Service Centres (IFSCs), medical service, etc.;
  7. To provide public education and training in the community/ welfare/ education sectors as well as foster cross-sectoral collaboration and partnership with community stakeholders and organisations to address the needs of and provide support for target youths; and
  8. To provide any other services to meet the changing service needs of the service users.

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